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Truly listen.




Trust your innate abilities.




Remember what You already know.




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Chattermind vs. Bodymind


Let’s dive a little more deeply into Listening with the Bodymind, shall we?

I’m often asked how to tell the difference between our thoughts, fears, and worries ( what I call our Chattermind ) and that deep place of knowing, our internal compass,  which I refer to as the Bodymind.

Actually, there is a quick way to discern between the two. All it takes is a bit of practice and a willingness to listen.

Let’s begin with our Chattermind. We all know it very well. It’s what takes us right out of the Present, into what I like to call either the Future or Past Imperfect.  It’s full of all kinds of predictions or memories — what might / will happen or what has always happened. “Shoulds” reside a lot in our Chattermind, as do “”reasons” ( justifications ) for taking or not taking a certain action. There’s often what feels like a full blown debate going on—pros and cons—when we’re in the throes of the Chattermind energy. There’s flurry about it, like being in a windstorm, blown about and surrounded by debris.

Now let’s shift gears to the Bodymind. Even if you’re not sure of the word I’m using, you’ve certainly experienced the power of that deep, deep knowing in moments throughout your life. I sometimes refer to them as “no brainers”. These are the moments where the decision makes itself, regardless of how you feel about that decision. It just is. There is little fuss, back and forth, or debate. This is true from the simple end of the spectrum ( Do you want chocolate or vanilla? ) to the more complex end of it ( Do I walk down this darkened street or not?) The answer is lean, immediate, complete and can sometimes even surface without words.

So now that we’ve parsed the differences, what’s the best way to determine which is which?

Listen. Just listen.



Take a mindful breath.

Quiet Your Self.


What are You hearing?—the noise of your Chattermind? or the word or two—or even a sensation from your Bodymind?  When you find Your Self “explaining” your position, you’re in your head —accessing your Chattermind. When you find Your Self having very little to say and no reason to clarify Your Self, you’re coming from your Bodymind.

A decision is a turning point—not unlike being at a crossroads. You can stand there debating which way to go—the pros and cons, the thought that there might be something down the road that will upset you, the what ifs, the overlay of past issues, OR you can take a moment, drop down into your Bodymind and access your internal gyroscope, which is preset to adjust your course as you progress.

Which is your choice? — sounds like a “no brainer” to me ...

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