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Truly listen.




Trust your innate abilities.




Remember what You already know.




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Keep in Mind / Take to Heart

Keep In Mind / Take To Heart

Let’s take these two phrases and look at them a bit differently.

We use each in their own right, however, if we’re willing to let them flow together, there is a richness and depth that we can access — and a gentle reminder to listen with our Bodymind.

Let’s go back to definitions:

“Keep in Mind” means to be aware, present and remember what we already know.

“Take to Heart” is to consider something seriously, feel it keenly, internalize it.

Sounds to me like we’re talking about deep knowing and what that knowing feels like for us — the essence of listening with the Bodymind.

The Body and the Mind interact and converse with us. When we allow them to reconnect and return to their natural state, the Bodymind, we can access full bodied wisdom—literally. Then it becomes a matter of truly listening to what we’re hearing so that the path forward becomes clearer.

As the storehouse for impressions, expressed emotions and movement, The Body is a huge resource for the felt quality of something. Every time we receive information through our Body, an entire process gets triggered—sometimes actively, sometimes passively, in order to distinguish what “feels right”—or “doesn’t feel right” in any given moment.

The Mind also has its own vital and unique role. It helps us make decisions by filtering immediate information, cross referencing it to our past experience(s), accessing that previous knowledge and then applying that knowledge in order to choose a course of action.

The interplay between The Body and The Mind is ongoing and not really separate at all. It’s a bit like a dance that we know very well. We don’t need to count, look down at our feet or struggle to remember the “steps”.

When we choose to Keep in Mind and Take to Heart a given moment, we’re able to tap into this wealth of Innate Knowledge — our own internal GPS system. There isn’t a lot of noise, back and forth, second guessing or “what ifs”. Those moments are crystal clear and absolute — totally in the present. You know they’re right for You — just because. There is no explanation needed. That is the practice of listening with your Bodymind.

“Keep in Mind”—have your wits about You.

“Take to Heart”—feel the moment keenly.

Keep in Mind and Take to Heart what’s really going on in a situation, exchange, or dynamic. When we’re willing to truly listen, it’s easy to trust our innate abilities and remember what we already know.

Sounds like a win / win to me.

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