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"If it isn't moving, it's dying."
This is one of the best distillations of wellness I've ever heard.                                                                   
Consider the fact that we are mostly water.

Now consider all of the ways water occurs in nature, especially when contained by land: oceans, lakes, ponds, streams. When you're standing in a crystalline river / stream bed and you can see all the rocks around and below your feet, what is the water doing?


Think babbling brook vs. an algae covered pond. This is why movement = wellness.

Do You move frequently?

What type of movement speaks to You? energizes You? calms or centers You?

The more we practice movement—all types—like the variations of music: classical, hip hop, rock, jazz, folk, standards, club, blue grass and so on, the better our chances are for clarity on all levels vs. just keeping illness at bay.

And let's not limit movement to "exercise":

Are You moved? by connections, conversation, the arts, travel, your particular passion or calling?

Do You challenge your mind, patterns, habits?

Do You step out of your comfort zone and try new experiences?

Do You practice other ways of being?

Do You embrace life or stand back from it?

What is YOUR choice of movement? I invite you to step it up. And if you're hesitant or reluctant, go back to the quote above:

"If it isn't moving, it's dying."

That ought to get your heart started ......
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