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Truly listen.




Trust your innate abilities.




Remember what You already know.




Woman Being Free

You know what you need.


My Approach

Rapid Bodymind Clarity™ offers a streamlined way for you to meet and navigate any turning point in your life— regardless of what you may be facing.


The practice is fluid, dynamic and immediate. It is adaptable across a broad spectrum of challenges and reminds you how to:


Truly listen
Trust your innate abilities

Remember what you already know


Reminds You? Yes. On some level, you know what you need. Let me say that again –you know what you need. You may have forgotten, you may not be well-practiced, you may not believe it. Yet, it is all there. It just needs to be discovered— or recovered—so that you can:

Rapidly recognize and track the common thread of any situation.

Relate that thread to a previous experience. 

Access the knowledge from that experience.

Apply that knowledge to efficiently move through your current challenge
without wasting time, backtracking or rehashing basic skills.


Once you're well versed in the approach, the practice is the same—regardless of the situation:


     Turning Point: At a Crossroads

"I was in a panic: managing a complicated business relationship, in serious financial trouble, newly married and fearful of pregnancy. Since learning this approach, I'm virtually panic free, thriving at work, financially stable, and the mother of two." -SCREENWRITER


     Turning Point: Bereavement

" I was shell shocked, grief stricken, and overwhelmed by the loss of both my husband and mother. I felt responsible for everything and to everyone, except myself. Through our work together, life has begun again and is an endlessly rewarding journey." -POET/MEMOIRIST 


     Turning Point: Addiction  

"After winning my battle with drug addiction, I faced a struggle with self-hatred, social  anxiety, and physical pain. I was very fortunate to discover that this work bridges the gap  between the body and the mind. As a result, I am now able to confront obstacles with reason and process not frustrations and impasse." -AUTHOR/UNIVERSITY PROFESSOR 


     Turning Point: Life-Threatening Illness  

"A recent divorce and the diagnosis of inoperable stage four cancer threw my life into chaos. Once we started working together, chaos turned into a focused transition. My life is now channeled into a workable, healthier direction. I'm living a life I would not have dreamed possible and I know peace of mind for the first time in decades." -BANKER  TURNED BOOK SELLER


The common thread in all these challenges and resolutions is a crucial turning point—and the ability to navigate the change and transcend the loss it creates. 

Rapid Bodymind Clarity™ is the path to:
Hearing the wisdom of your experience
Acting on what You know is true for You
Creating deep healing and lasting change

Ready to learn more about working together?