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Truly listen.




Trust your innate abilities.




Remember what You already know.




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On Hand

On Hand

What if, the next time you want a particular item, you take a good look through what you already have. Chances are that what you feel compelled to "get" is already in your possession.

Let me elaborate.

Recently, I had the thought that I "needed" new accent pillows. The ones I was using were old, and had lost some of their color and shape. My mind started to consider other patterns, sizes and possibilities. I even began the hunt for pillow covers, actually measuring various ones that were on sale. (It's justified if they're on sale, yes?). Then I remembered. Didn't I already have two pillows that would work just fine? Yes—indeed I did.

They weren't what I pictured or expected to use, nor were they what my mind's eye had been creating. This brings up an important point. Often, we’re so set on what an outcome “should” be that we overlook other possibilities.

The upshot? They work like a charm.


The Practice?

Next time you're beginning to make that mental list of "gotta get / gotta have":

Stop Your Self


Go to the closet, the chest of drawers, the pantry, the storage bins, or wherever you stash things for "later”.

Something serviceable is already there, if not an item that is surprisingly better.

The kicker to The Practice?

Every time you do this, you're reinforcing in a very basic way that you already have what you need. It's just a matter of accessing it and allowing it to serve you.

And the kicker to the kicker?

It's also a reminder that The Practice is the same, whether you're drawing on objects or emotional resources. They are both readily on hand, and available to You.

Aren't they?

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