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Procrastination or Right Timing?

Procrastination or Right Timing?

Let's take a different look at procrastination. How many times and ways have we chastised ourselves for not plowing through our "to do" list in record time? What if there's wisdom and a different possibility that "procrastination" offers?
Granted, standard issue procrastination is obvious—when we're choosing something—anything—so we don't "have to" do what's necessary. Taking this deeper, though, there's a fine, distinct line between procrastinating and cultivating your right timing.

I actively play with this concept. This blog is a perfect example. I delayed writing it-- not hoping for the right time, but rather, listening for it. 
I purposely didn't go near it when I thought I "should". Believe me, the mind chatter was deafening at times—and yet—I dared to wait ...... while allowing myself to trust right timing and flow.
The result? I breezed through this in no time.
How do you discern the difference between flow and procrastination? The amount of quiet between the two.
The “shoulds", self-castigation, fearful thoughts, worry and blather are immediately quelled. Instead, there's a sense of gathering one's Self waiting until a moment of quiet ease presents itself, and then following that ease through to completion.
The active practice?

Dare to defy the "shoulds".
Wait for the sense of ease.

Respond from that place of ease.

Repeat often.

A word of caution: Don't begin your practice with complicated choices. Certain deadlines are musts. Start small and allow Your Self time to wait.

This practice is subtle. Yet, if you're willing to work with it, you'll become aware of your own pattern of flow: when and how you're most productive.
That’s when the scales tip and procrastination becomes trust in your right timing. You make short work of your to do list, easily accomplishing the task at hand.
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