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Scrambling for the Feed


When was the last time you saw a new litter of kittens or puppies? Remember how they tumble all over each other—"elbowing" or "pawing" their way to their mother when they're hungry? I call it "scrambling for the feed". It's an image I'd like you to consider.

Watching babies invariably invokes a response of "awww", how cute. However, let's overlay this behavior onto adults, when they grasp for something without any regard to their surroundings. Not a very pretty picture, is it?

We've all seen or been a part of these situations:

"Black Friday"—when the doors open at midnight—or before—and people trample and/or pepper spray each other to get the "good stuff" before anyone else does.

An "All You Can Eat" Buffet—where people load their plates with firsts, seconds and even thirds on the initial pass to "make sure" they will have "enough".

"Free for the Taking" samples—as people overstuff their pockets to the point of dropping some of their precious cargo.

Even something as simple as bath products in a hotel—stashing them and then asking for more each day of the stay.

"Scrambling for the Feed" comes from a place of perceived lack:

"There won't be enough / any left for me."

"I'd better get extra,  just in case."

"Goody - now I won't have to buy it."

This primal urge to grasp and hold on tight makes sense for helpless newborns. Yet-- how many of us at this point qualify as one?

While it is sometimes very subtle, there is a distinct difference between grasping and reaching. The energy around the first choice is urgent, frenetic and involves stockpiling.

Reaching, however, a gentle extension of the hand and arm, allows for patient waiting and is based on a knowing that you'll be served—trusting there is enough for you.

For the next little while, allow Your Self to track the difference in your life. Is there a frenzied "gotta get /gotta have" quality to your exchanges? If so, then you are "scrambling for the feed".

The practice to counter this?





Pretty self-explanatory—and yet, no mean feat. Practice drawing on these four steps and see what goodies come your way.

And consider this. What if what you're grasping for is not nearly as rich as what's coming your way if you dare to shift the energy from grasping to reaching?

Remember what The Stones said:

"You can't always get what you want
But if you try sometimes you just might find
You get what you need."

Do you REALLY NEED that much?

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