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Remember what You already know.




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"Triage" the Moment


Let’s begin with the definition of triage —

to assign degrees of urgency to (wounded or ill patients).

Triage is  performed in a critical situation—one that involves life or death split second decisions. I’d like to look at it from a different angle or two.

Shall we?

I often use the phrase ”triage the moment” when I’m working with a client and they’re challenged by what needs attention most in a given situation. It puts the series of decisions in stark contrast to one another and tends to make the choices self-evident, or "no brainers".

Sometimes, I’ll even say “What’s bleeding the most?” This too will help someone “cut to the chase” and begin to make changes.

As much as I like the phrases and appreciate the speed with which they trigger action, I’d like to unload the life / death aspect of the practice. When someone is moving through a crucial turning point in their lives, rarely does it involve the gravity of life or death. It may very well feel like it, however.That tends to be our fearful thoughts and Chattermind getting in our way. The phrase is just a shortcut to help You clearly see the broad spectrum of what you’re dealing with.

And speaking of that spectrum, let’s address the other end of it—the moments that only need your brief attention—the quick bandage, as it were. Isn’t that end of the spectrum just as valid? I was working with someone recently, and when the “most wounded” aspects of the situation began to overwhelm him, I invited him to work the other end of triage: what needs the very least bit of your attention in this moment?  allowing You to accomplish something without stalling you in your process?

And the nuts and bolts of the practice?

Stop. Just Stop Your Self.

Take a mindful breath - or two — or three.

Add a sigh at the end of them to hasten your reset.

"Triage the moment".

What is "bleeding" the most -- or least?

Act on that awareness.

I invite You to play with  this concept — see what works for You — or doesn’t, and go from there.

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