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Trying Times


 "If at first, you don't succeed, try, try again."
Let's rewrite this proverb right now. Let's replace the word "try" with allow.  It immediately shifts the energy of the intention and creates the possibility for any number of outcomes.
“Try” is a very limited/limiting option.  There can be only success or failure. Period. It can also give us an easy out—a "reason" to walk away from a challenge: "Well, that didn't work out."; "There's only so much I can do."
Instead, allowing gives the situation breathing room -- many points along the spectrum that can frame a choice, task, or practice. It also takes the pressure off us for needing to be so “perfect”. There's an expansion, a softening, an inclusion way beyond the limits of "trying".
When we allow, we can meander a bit more. We can edge forward, side step, retreat, wander and even stop entirely while we (re)collect ourselves. Our options become dimensional rather than linear. Stepping out of our comfort zone becomes less daunting.
 The Practice?
Drop the word "try" from your vocabulary.
Replace it with allow.
Give Your Self permission to be with the unfolding of a process. See where the possibilities take you and how they impact an outcome.  I sense you'll find things much easier -- and -- forgiving.
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