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Truly listen.




Trust your innate abilities.




Remember what You already know.




Woman Being Free

"Watch Your Mouth!"


How many times did we all hear variations of this as we were growing up?

Despite our protestations, there's something to be said for heeding this advice.

So many of our word choices, emphasized phrases and even speech patterns can reflect how we physically manifest our thoughts.

Don't we all know someone—Our Self?—who repeats phrases like:

It's killing me. This always happens.
I hate it when.... I'm not good at that.
I can't because .... If only.... 
I couldn't possibly....
It's because of my background....

and so on ........ It's no wonder our physical selves respond accordingly.

I call it "trauma talk"—verbalizing an insistent pattern that's not only inaccurate but also hampers our growth and transcendence. It's also another way we polarize Our Selves -- not a hint of gray in these embodied absolutes.

So -- why not shake things up a bit and track your speech?—even your mind chatter for a while?

Ask Your Self this question:

Does what I'm saying reflect:

Outdated beliefs?
A part of me reluctant to change or heal?
A limiting comfort zone?

If so, how often do you resort to these obstacles?—because that's what they are—obstacles that you've put in your own way.

Dare to remove them, or at least modify them so they are stumbling blocks instead of brick walls. I sense you'll be struck by your self-imposed limitations.

All the talk in the world isn't going to change one breath of your life. Allow Your Self to trust the silence that's the impetus for action.

Talk may be cheap, yet you're paying dearly for it. 
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