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Truly listen.




Trust your innate abilities.




Remember what You already know.




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Words & Actions


Here’s a very basic practice that will not steer you wrong when you find Your Self at the crossroads of Words and Actions.

It’s a short cut that will allow You to bypass all kinds of seeming miscues, misinformation and mysteries.

It’s another way to “drop a pin” as part of your internal GPS system.

When Words and Actions aren’t in sync, pay attention. Period. That’s it in a nutshell. This is one of the quickest and easiest ways to avoid all kinds of heartbreak and upset.

Let’s look at a few blatant examples:

Your “best” friend keeps telling you how important You are to him / her and yet there isn't time in their schedule for you.

Your boss deems you to be so valuable that the rest of the team could not function without you and yet this doesn’t translate to higher pay, time off or public appreciation.

The person you’re seeing professes deep love and yetsimple kindnesses, open heartedness and a ready availability are not part of your relationship.

Now let’s take the practice back to You:

You claim you want to make different choices about your health and yet you’re eating erratically, sleeping poorly, and hardly moving.

You complain that you’re tired of someone’s company and don’t want to spend more time with them and yet you don’t have the conversation, shift the relationship, or sever it entirely.

You say you’ve always wanted to do thus and so and yet  it remains a fantasy, a distant dream or bit of magical thinking.

The point is, this pattern is not just something that is “done to us”. We also do it to Our Selves. 

I’m not suggesting for a minute that Words and Actions need to be in sync all of the time—they’re not going to be; nor am I dismissing right timing when it comes to making changes. However, when Words and Actions are blatantly different, it's time to track the pattern and see if it’s working for You. If so, do nothing. If not, heads up and pay attention!

If the pattern is not working for you, the earliest indication is that “not quite right feeling”—something’s off, it doesn’t ring true—there’s dissonance in the moment. When you find Your Self there:



Slow down and witness what is / is not happening.

Set aside excuses, rationalizations, and dismissals.

Dare to really heed the moment and absorb its teaching.

You need not do anything in the moment itself. This part of the practice is more about tracking and paying attention. There’s more than enough time later to act on what you know. 

For now, let Your Self linger at the crossroads of Words & Actions, and see what that corner has to offer.

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