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Truly listen.




Trust your innate abilities.




Remember what You already know.




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We create a blueprint—
you build the house.

Working Together

This transformative work is streamlined, rapid and tailored specifically for you. 
It keeps focus on the task at hand while deepening and accelerating any of your other practices or therapies. Session work nurtures:
Immediate clarity
Newfound stability
A deep sense of trust in Your Self

"This work holds up a mirror, which helps you see yourself—shedding light on your holding patterns, common escape routes, and release valves. In so doing, it makes changing those things seem like the only option, and a very feasible one." -ACUPUNCTURIST


Change is not imposed on You—rather, it's elicited from You.

We create a blueprint—you build the house.


Session Options:

All options begin with my gift to you—a 15 minute informed conversation to get a sense of what you’d like to accomplish and to see if we’d like to work together. We’ll explore how my approach could help you, answer questions you might have about it, and clarify the session work that would be best for you going forward.At the very least, you'll come away from the conversation with a suggestion, a resource or a referral that you can use immediately to begin to reframe your current situation and point you in the right direction.

So we’ll be able to hit the ground running when we talk, please take a moment to briefly answer a few questions here or at the bottom of the page.

Since this work is neither therapy nor coaching, there are no preset weekly appointments, programs, or “done for you” handouts. Instead of imposing a series of steps and exercises that you might not need at all, we focus on what serves you right now to help you move more quickly through your current turning point.

As a result, I work one session at a time.

Each session can be a stand alone piece, the foundation for deeper work, or sequential -- building from one session option to the next and then the next.  We can meet in person, by phone or via video chat.  

For some, one session is all that's needed for a course correction:

"I think the work we did in our one session and the follow up SwaffWords© email have been the most useful tools during my path to recovery."-BANKING MANAGER

For others, a number of sessions is what serves: 

"Our monthly work together has afforded me an internal clarity, enhanced sense of Self, and helped me create and maintain very clean boundaries in every aspect of my life."-LICENSED PSYCHOTHERAPIST

We decide together what’s best for you and craft the specifics as our work unfolds.

I offer four different Arcs of Working together, from 30 minutes to two hours: Initial Clarity, Essential Clarity, Intensive Clarity and Advanced Clarity.




Creating a quick reset:

  • To define specifics of your current turning point
  • Outline the next critical step forward for you

As a follow up, you’ll receive a short written post-session summary.
Rate: $250/ 30 minutes


Charting a course correction for change:

  • To explore how you’re navigating your current turning point 
  • Tweak and refine your current resources
  • Create a framework for going forward

Includes a written post-session summary of insights and supportive practices based on what we’ve discovered in session. 
Rate: $500 / 1 hour


Narrowing the focus:

  • To address one challenge or specific situation
  • Track it’s recurring pattern
  • Identify what’s not serving you in that pattern
  • Add resources to support your new awareness and practice going forward

The post-session written summary includes a number of insights, practices and resources gleaned from our time together to further support You.
Rate: $750 / 90 minutes


Comprehensive work in hours, not weeks:

  • To dive deeply into your process
  • Realize how your current turning point is reflected throughout your life
  • Deepen your awareness of this underlying energy
  • Refine and enhance resources to navigate it
  • Establish a clearer, more detailed path forward

Includes a post-session written summary of insights, practices, resources and a road map for the coming weeks ahead.
Rate: $1000 / 2 hours


If this is the kind of work that resonates with You, please answer these few questions and let's get you on your way.