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Truly listen.




Trust your innate abilities.




Remember what You already know.




Woman Being Free

Truly listen.
Trust your innate abilities.
Remember what You already know.

  Stephanie Swafford


I'm so glad that you've found your way here—and now that you have, let's just cut to the chase.


You've a strong sense of Self and have done a lot of internal work. You're very aware of your tendencies, and even know your Achilles' Heel. Yet, despite all your savvy, you find Your Self stalled at a crucial turning point in your life—a place of change that you just can't seem to get through:

A recurring challenge
A life/career transition
Grappling with loss or grief

Fallout from an earlier trauma
Creating a fresh start

Or just deciding the next critical step forward


You've been drawing on the many resources you've acquired over the years. Maybe you've tried several solutions to move through this piece: 


A return to therapy 

Relying more heavily on your support network

Exploring different bodywork / exercise modalities

Practicing meditation, retreat or prayer


And yet—you remain stalled. The way through still eludes you.  Sound familiar?


So often this is because the next step requires a part of Your Self that is dormant, unpracticed, or unrealized—which makes it a challenge to recognize, let alone access.


Are You ready to change this?


By cultivating this untapped piece of Your Self, you can take action, release what's keeping you stalled, and move through this crucial turning point.


Let's work from where you are right now. We'll tweak and refine all the capabilities you already have, while adding new resources along the way—rather than starting from Square One and reinventing the wheel—again. Intrigued? Let's see if my unique approach speaks to you.


"This work has revolutionized the way I think about life and about myself. It has helped me navigate huge turning points (marriage, pregnancy, motherhood, career transition and the death of a loved one). While always providing support and clarity, Stephanie has taught me how to become a more confident, capable and successful person. It is not hyperbole to say that on some very significant level, I owe her my life." -WRITER/FILM PRODUCER