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Remember what You already know.




Woman Being Free

The Bodymind—a deep reservoir of Inner Knowing—is something that we all have.
  Baby Stephanie

 The Backstory

I’m an only child—a watcher—12 hours old and I'm already sizing up the situation.

My family moved a lot (change = the norm)—6 times by the 6th grade—which I completed in New York City. The minute we moved here, I was home. 

Graduated Northwestern University as a Drama Major and realized I loved the backstories of characters more than performing them, so I opted for the other side of the camera.

Enjoyed almost two decades in a multiple Emmy winning career in live TV: original staff member of Good Morning America; all facets of ABC News coverage, including first woman to be Operations Producer for World News Tonight; ABC Sports; CBS Sports—first woman to produce a full season of NFL games.

Loved it until “making air” became just that. In mid-conversation, I had my own galvanizing turning point and left "the biz" without any kind of plan -- living proof you don't always need one to begin again.

I rested, regrouped, and found myself drawn to Wellness -- initially as a Personal Trainer, who from the beginning worked with clients in the throes of life's turning points.

In a way, I’ve come full circle, as a Bodymind Practitioner whose practice combines the lean efficiency I learned from years in live TV with the deep elegance of Energy Balancing.

I'm still a Producer—I've just moved from the Media Arts to the Healing Arts. My “straight, no chaser” approach remains the same. 

I’ll let a few of my clients elaborate:

"She has been many things
To many people
She changes them
She changes—their weather—
She listens—she adapts
To the here and now...
Never slowly
More likely in a New York minute
That's her way.
If you could pin her down
To admit she had a way—
Archeologist that she is—
Unearthing perception, truth
Like she does not have a hundred tomorrows
To waste.
Like maybe the truth is simple—
She is waiting for that shift in You
Perhaps today..."-AUTHOR / POET


"Since 'Miracle Worker' is already taken, I'll need to come up with a different job title for her." -INTUITIVE ENERGY WORKER

"She is an extraordinary healer." -ESSAYIST  

"With her, it was my soul and not just my mind that was soothed."-TELEVISION JOURNALIST

"Stephanie is a master of intuitive, intelligent, get-to-the-root-of-it,  get-to-the-heart of it Bodymind Energy work." -REFLEXOLOGIST 

"Her razor sharp insights quickly moved me from slogging through the mud to a felt sense of openness, expansion and clarity. -WELLNESS COACH

"She is practical. She is trained. She is learned. She is magic." -WRITER / DIRECTOR


My credentials:

Board Certified Polarity Practitioner / Educator
Registered Bach Flower Essence Practitioner
Advanced Training: Craniosacral Therapy, Zero Balancing, Reiki
Certified Personal Trainer focusing on the Bodymind


 Does my style speak to You? If so, let's have a conversation.