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Truly listen.




Trust your innate abilities.




Remember what You already know.




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When we choose to listen with our Bodymind, we're able to tap into this wealth of Innate Knowledge-our own internal GPS or Lodestar.


Energy Balancing

 Energy Balancing is  a unique conversation between my expertise and your energy system—what I call the Bodymind. 

The Bodymind—a deep reservoir of Inner Knowing—is something that we all have.  Listening with your Bodymind is like tracking a thread in a tapestry. It may be frayed, faded, or even hidden, yet it's there—and by following it, you can see where and how it appears in other aspects of your life.  

The Body and the Mind interact and converse with us. When we allow them to reconnect and return to their natural state, the Bodymind, we can literally access full bodied wisdom. Then it becomes a matter of truly listening to what we’re hearing so that the path forward becomes clear.

The interplay between The Body and The Mind is ongoing and not really separate at all. It’s a bit like a dance that we know very well. We don’t need to count, look down at our feet or struggle to remember the “steps”.

When we choose to listen with our Bodymind, we’re able to tap into this wealth of Innate Knowledge—our own internal GPS or Lodestar. There isn’t a lot of noise, back and forth, second guessing or “what ifs”. The moments become crystal clear and absolute—totally in the present. You know they’re right for You—just because. There is no explanation needed. That is the practice of listening with your Bodymind.

In order to guide you through this process I’m well versed in several dialects of Energy Work that trust your innate ability to release, right Your Self and manifest change:


Balances wellness through gentle bodywork, movement, mindful nutrition, and guided self-reflection.


Craniosacral Therapy

Uses light touch on the head and lower spine to ease discomfort and tension.


Bach Flower Essences

Natural remedies ("liquid tuning forks") that address specific emotional challenges.


Zero Balancing

A hands-on system that bridges the Bodymind's energy and structure.



A technique that transmits energy to imbalances in the system.


"Through engaged talk and Energy Work, sessions are focused, direct, and imbued with compassion. There is the clear, concise approach of a rapid response team -- nothing extraneous. Our work together drove real, tangible change in my life." -MEDICAL CENTER DIRECTOR


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