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The Practice of Immediate Reframe

The Practice of Immediate Reframe

Let's begin with a dictionary definition of "reframe":

To look at, present, or think of (beliefs, ideas, relationships, etc) in a new or different way; to redescribe, from a different perspective.

Now let me put this into an accessible practice for you:

Consider the rich lessons a sculpture holds. It's a wealth of different views, textures, perspectives and styles in one object. You can experience it from different angles, in different light, during different times, and so on.

You can return to it and see it anew, walk around it, or just commune with it. We've all done this. We all have our favorites. What if you were to allow the sculpture to be a representation of possibilities, full of limitless teachings?

Go to a museum with a friend. Find a sculpture that speaks to the two of you -- one that you can easily walk around. Choose an angle of it that you like. Have your friend do the same. Let Your Self revel in the experience. Feel what it's like to enjoy what you're seeing, what it evokes -- and why.

Now, switch positions -- literally stand in the other's place in order to experience what your friend was seeing. Allow Your Self to appreciate his/her take on the piece.Then move to two new angles -- switch again -- repeat. Purposely find a viewpoint that doesn't speak to you. Be with it. Let it teach you something -- about your sense of tolerance, acceptance, preset notions, expectations and limitations.

You don't have to like what you see -- you might not, at first, or at all. Just appreciate the notion of "other".

Play with this. Find other sculptures, go with other friends. And then -- take it back into the real world.

When you find Your Self stalled in an old pattern, being swept away by mind chatter, out of the moment, at a loss for the next right move, walk around the "sculpture" of the situation. Pause. Take a mindful breath. Dare to create a different experience for Your Self:
Consider the different perspectives that are converging.
Realize the tendencies you're bringing to the moment.
Make the choice to respond in a different way.

What's the worst that can happen? Nothing. The best? -- an entirely different understanding of something you hadn't "seen" before.

Here's to reframing a moment. 

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